The betrayal of generations by the Immoral Minority.

In October 2003 former Catholic priest Michael Joseph McArdle was jailed for 6 years for the systematic sexual abuse of 14 young boys and 2 girls over a 22 year period in Queensland. Had this happened to only one child it would by no means be any less a disgusting and abhorrent crime. The fact that McArdle was a Catholic priest at the time, hypocritically preaching the word of The Lord, forgiving the sins of others and handing out penance and advice when required and/or asked for is almost beyond belief. The final blow to these betrayed young people is to find out that in a signed affidavit McArdle admits to confessing his sins of sexual abuse no less than 1,500 times over a 25 year period. ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED TIMES, he allegedly sat face to face with another priest of the Catholic church and admitted to being a monster who derived sexual gratification from young people who probably looked up to him as a trusted father figure.

And just what did the church do every time they found out? They moved McArdle to another church. This so called benevolent religion, arguably the most followed and populous on the Earth, turned a blind eye, stuck its head into the sand like an Ostrich and allowed this indescribably foul crime spree to continue unabated. 30 priests, all with the same deified authority and charged with the same responsibility to care for "Gods Creatures and Children", listened to this poor excuse of a manís sins, absolved him and then conspired to hide the truth. This just shows how out of touch the Catholic church is in this modern day. The Catholic church to this day adheres to itís doctrine of a confession being sacred and for the ears only of God, the priest receiving the confession and the confessor. A man, any man, can walk into a church, confess his sins to a priest and receive a penance which would be considered manifestly inappropriate in all courts of law in just about any country on the planet. Yet two Hail Maryís and three Lords Prayers are supposed to be adequate enough to salve the soul of the abuser and ensure that God no longer looks upon him with eyes slitted and mouth turned down at the corners.

Letís not be mistaken here Ė this pathetic act is not in any way entirely constrained within the borders of Australia. Last year in the United States a similar story emerged. The callous, calculated degradation of young people by those held in high esteem - with a mutual element of trust and a common belief in The Lord seemingly swept under the rug when it was considered too difficult to face up to or too easy to ignore. The church is as much to blame as the people who are perpetrating this heinous crime against humanity. Yet the church denies it is responsible. Instead it cries foul, citing that the Australian children were in fact wards of the state, and therefore it falls onto the shoulders of the Government to make restitution. It does not admit to any liability. It will not accept that at any time it did not have its employees under total control. It cannot bring itself to acknowledge that its doctrines and views are outdated. It continues to act more like a secretive pseudo-religious sect than a bona-fide religion with the best interests of its billions of members at heart. The untold riches in The Vaticanís vast coffers would never be enough to wipe the slate clean. The countless others, and there must be many thousands in total, who do not come forward for one reason or another, can and will, never know justice. The church opening its wallet and handing out dollars to the tune of 1.5 million per person, as was alluded to late last year when a congregation of American bishops and priests returned from a so-called crisis meeting in the Vatican concerning this very subject, is so pathetically disgusting it almost makes your stomach churn.

Pay them money, shut them up, deny all responsibility, say it was done on the premise of being charitable so they may get on with their lives with an amount of closure and hope it goes away.

Yet this crime against our young people, worldwide, goes on and on. How many brilliant minds have been taken from us? How many innocent souls were destroyed before being given the chance to flower in Gods garden?

Much has been said lately of the Catholic churchís stance on AIDS in, particularly, small third world African nations. Once again, the church is so out of touch with this modern world it almost beggars belief. This religious behemoth has such a hold on these nations, both financially and spiritually, that it virtually holds to ransom the people it is supposed to be helping and guiding. Pamphlets produced and paid for at the behest of the church, alluding to the fact that condoms are porous and will cause you to contract AIDS and are therefore not worth using, is nothing short of a callous disregard for life that in any civilized country would bring down a jail sentence on any individual person or group. Botswana is a very small nation. It has a total estimated population of 1,573,267, of which over 39% are estimated to be HIV positive. Its population growth has been measured at MINUS 0.55% (25.5 births/1,000 population as opposed to 31 deaths/1,000 population {2003 est.}). In 10 years time we could see this small, landlocked country emptied of everything except maybe a few Wildebeest and the odd Lion here and there. Yet this relic of a time long past still holds true to its belief that contraception is wrong and against the will of God.

In times gone by, Kings, Queens and Princes lived their lives and ran their countries at the whim of the church. They willingly went on Crusades to placate the Pontiff, to curry favor with the church. The church even deigned to call a war between Kings or countries ďHolyĒ and threw in their lot with the favored one. They were, at that time, nothing more than warmongers themselves. The planet was essentially ruled by the church and the doctrine of its God (simplistic, but true). Those days are long gone. The church cannot be allowed to dictate to the worldwide population of humanity, because in the end there will be no-one to dictate to. Ultimately, the church must be made to pay for its continued, total and complete, disregard the effect its so called teachings have on the people of this planet.

It wonít happen overnight, but I pray to any God listening that it does happen.

P.S I was raised a Catholic, but decided to revise my opinions one Sunday morning at mass when the priest giving the sermon (name withheld) started preaching about giving all your worldly goods up for the sake of God. At the end of mass, he detailed how his dishwasher had broken down, his car was out of action and he was going to advertise for a new housekeeper as the previous one had left his employ. To say a little light came on up top is an understatement.

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