Rep-Resented Part II.

Editorial by Sean Ockenden.
Second in a series examining the shirking of our duties to each other and leaving them in the hands of "trained experts".

.... continued from "Rep-Resented I" .....

Therein lies the problem. Our elected representatives are getting way too big for their collective boots. They consider themselves unaccountable for their actions, presumably on the basis that we elected them and they are only doing our bidding.

Teflon John, when first elected Prime Miniature made a big noise about the lack of accountability for our pollies and brought out a shiny new thing called a 'Parliamentary Code of Conduct'. This, he assured us, would keep the Liberal Party in line, making them accountable to the people of Australia when they screw up. We would get to find out about what they did and they would be made to pay for the indiscretions.

Excuse me whilst I choke back the bile rapidly rising past my Esophageus at a rate that, unrestrained, would see it escape the Earth's gravity and achieve orbit.

These people are an absolute joke. The code of conduct is nothing more than a way for one of our elected few to brag about what he/she has gotten away with and there's very little we can do about it. Sure it looks embarrassing for a short time and I'll be damned if some of those excuses don't sound good enough to try out myself, but then we go back to worrying about our lives and how we're constantly being shafted and they continue on in a manner that disgusts us to the point where we just don't know where to turn next. Which of these idiots do we vote for next time? Do you really believe the Labor Party of Australia would be any different?

This brings me back to the conduct of our elected representatives. Federal Liberal Senator Trish Draper goes overseas and takes her boyfriend with her. Not the guy she lives with at the time mind you, but someone else entirely. After much hoo-ing and haa-ing she agrees to pay for the trip out of her own pocket. Fair enough. She can afford it. But where did the Parliamentary Code of Conduct come into it? Where was our P-M (you know what it means, I don't have to repeat it again) and what was his stance on all this? Well, apparently TJ doesn't really see that she'd done anything all that wrong. It was ALLOWED under the pathetically relaxed set of standards these guys and gals work under. Not content with being overpaid for what seems like doing bugger all anyway, a set of superannuation conditions that make the most of us wonder how we can get the same without going to jail for theft or fraud, Federal cars and drivers on call, flights to wherever they want whenever they can think of a suitable justification the public will swallow. They also CHEAT while we pay for it!!!! I think THAT might be called Adultery, John. Doesn't your Christian faith have something to say about it? No? What about the all powerful and restraining 'Parliamentary Code of Conduct'? We're deafened by the silence over here.

There's probably not a lot else to say. The election has been run and won, the Liberals have control of both the Upper and Lower houses in parliament, and there's a few of us just sitting around waiting for the chorus of "I didn't vote for him!!" to start when things don't go the way they were either planned or hoped for. Like the Americans and the British, I guess we get what we pay for, or in this case, we'll get who we didn't vote for.
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